The Eternity Rose – Blue Glazed Rose Pendant in 24K Gold Leaf Theme


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Apart from being beautiful and having a lovely aroma, the rose has been culturally significant for hundreds of years and is recognized across the globe as a symbol of love. It is given in admiration or as an act of romance.

The Eternity Rose takes the symbol of love and preserves it so that it can be admired for years to come.

The Eternity Rose procedures and standards ensures that a high quality product is the end result and provides a lifetime warranty.

•  A stylish pendant created using natural blue miniature rose petals trimmed with pure 24 karat gold.

•  The styling is in a classic leaf theme which incorporates 30 brilliant synthetic diamonds.

•  Supplied in its own elegant velvet pouch featuring a gold-trim detailing and braided draw strings.

•  Intricate detail which is backed up by a warranty for life.

•  Rapid delivery and dispatch is guaranteed and order processing takes only hours. Two-day express transport is arranged without extra cost.


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