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The Davek Golf umbrella is the result of style meeting engineering!

This beautiful umbrella has a massive canopy measuring 62 inches (157cm) in arc diameter. Its carbon WindFibre™ “Duplex frame” along with flexible carbon ligaments equip the umbrella to weather very strong winds. Wind tunnel testing has proven that it can withstand gale force winds of over 60mph (100km/h).

The umbrella is fitted with a concealed aluminum alloy anchor spike that is exposed by twisting the handle. The spike allows you to push the umbrella into the turf so that you can prop up your individual clubs while you take your shot.

Even if you do not play golf, this stylish umbrella is still a great choice. It comes in a range of colours and is very well priced.

Davek umbrellas are made to last and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, which means that you won’t be throwing away broken umbrellas ever again. This time you can buy it once, and buy it for life.

If you happen to lose your beloved umbrella, Davek has got you covered with their loss protection offer. They will replace your lost umbrella at up to 50% of the regular retail price. What a great idea!


Coverage diameter 62 in (arc-diam); 55 in (straight-diam)
Closed length 40 inches
Weight 2 lb
Button system Auto-open button system
Shaft material High grade fiberglass
Frame system Extra-large fiberglass reinforced 8-rib frame system
Canopy Dual-canopy wind system – 190 thread-count microweave fabric
Extra function Reversible aluminium alloy anchor spike
Warranty Unconditional lifetime guarantee


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