Apart from being beautiful and having a lovely aroma, the rose has been culturally significant for hundreds of years and is recognized across the globe as a symbol of love. It is given in admiration or as an act of romance.

The Eternity Rose takes the symbol of love and preserves it so that it can be admired for years to come, and can even be passed down as an heirloom from generation to generation.

Every Eternity rose is real, unique and grown in a nursery. It is then picked at the optimum moment when it is at its most beautiful. After that the rose then undergoes a series of processes which involve coating and electroplating so that the final product is a beautiful natural rose that is either plated in 24k gold, silver, platinum or natural glazed with gold trimming.

The Eternity Rose procedures and standards ensures that a high quality product is the end result and provides a lifetime warranty.