After listening to his wife’s comments about her clothes pegs not performing as expected and often breaking, rusting or leaving stains on her laundry, Monsieur Violet,  in 1969, a very skilled metal worker in the petrochemical industry in the South of France, invented his first stainless steel pegs.

Needless to say that she loved her new pegs, word spread and orders started to come through, leading to Monsieur Violet setting up his own company.

Today, Monsieur Violet’s son leads the business using industrial-grade stainless steel and modern metal press.

You can buy with complete confidence knowing that these pegs really will be the last ones that you will ever need to buy.

Since 1969, not a single PINCINOX stainless steel clothes peg has ever been returned with rust or breakage in normal use. And Madame Violet still uses the very first pegs hand-wrought by her late husband 49 years ago.