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Duluth Pack is one of the only pack companies that has an official day named after it. “Duluth Pack Day” was declared in 2011 by the Duluth mayor, Don Ness, honoring their 100 year anniversary at their current location at 1610 West Superior St in Duluth, Minnesota.

Duluth Pack offers a huge range of packs, handbags, duffels, totes, bags, portfolios, wallets, briefcases, notebook folders, apparel and much more.

Duluth Pack makes their packs from leather, heavy canvas, or nylon. The packs are square shaped for easy storage and portage, featuring a large main compartment that is cinched by straps and buckles along with shoulder straps for carrying, making them ideal for canoe travel which was one of their intended uses. The heavy duty packs are not limited to canoeing and can be used for camping and other purposes including your everyday activities.

Duluth Pack stands by the quality of their handmade packs and bags, which are meticulously constructed by skilled craftspeople. Enabling Duluth Pack to offer a lifetime guarantee on them.