With design principles that focus on quality, durability, craftsmanship, reliability and attention to detail, it is no surprise that Davek NY produces aesthetically beautiful umbrellas that are long lasting and exceptionally strong!

The Umbrellas are constructed with the finest materials and are carefully engineered for performance and strength.  Wind tunnel testing has shown that umbrellas such as the Davek Golf can withstand gale force winds of over 60mph (100km/h).

Davek umbrellas come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, which means that you won’t be throwing away broken umbrellas ever again. With Davek, you buy it once, and buy it for life.

If you happen to lose your beloved umbrella, Davek has got you covered with their loss protection offer. They will replace your lost umbrella at up to 50% of the regular retail price. We think this is a great idea!